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Thespo 15 Awards Nite

Posted on 18th Dec 2013

Thespo Awards Nite


It’s been a long, but fruitful, week at Thespo 15. We’ve showcased the most outstanding youth theatre in the country and provided a platform for some of the best young talent to take their art to the fore so that they can reach a wider audience. We’ve had workshops that catered to a variety of interests, rising live bands, and performances from groups who’ve gathered here from all over the country.

Tonight is when we honour the best of the best with the highly coveted Thespos. The function will be emceed by Ameya Wagh, our veteran Thespian, who will be too old to participate in his favourite theatre festival next year. This makes tonight just as special for him as it will be for us.


And the Thespos go to…


Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

Arushi Saxena - Mileva in 'The E.Q.'


Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

 Siddhesh Purkar - Papa in 'Kabadi- Uncut'


Outstanding New Writing:

Amatya Goradia - 'The E.Q.'


Outstanding Female Actor:

Rucha Apte - Barbie in 'Kabadi- Uncut'


Outstanding Production Design:

'Kabadi- Uncut'


Outstanding Director:

Suraj Parasnis - 'Kabadi- Uncut'


Outstanding Play:

'Kabadi- Uncut'

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This is sparta!
This is sparta!
This is sparta!