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Thespo 15: Day 2

Posted on 12th Dec 2013



After yesterday’s huge success, Thespo 15 was back for day two at Prithvi Junction. Today, we will be having the first of our Platform performances and we’re very excited.

From morning to night, the fun never stops at Thespo – two workshops, a fringe and a platform performance, live band and a play. Phew!

It’s never too late to be part of the festival, because we’re on until Sunday, the 15th of December. So head on over to Thespo, pick up a T-shirt or our festival brochure, and proclaim your love for theatre!


Here’s a recap of the day’s events:


Workshop     |     Seriously Funny: An Introduction to Clown

Today was the last day of Deepal Doshi’s introductory workshop on clowning. Maybe it was just this that had our resident clowns frowning when they thought nobody was looking. The final day was awash with hijinks and gags of every kind; the participants told jokes, performed slapstick gags and made each other laugh.

In the end, Deepal congratulated the participants on a job well done and everyone rode off into the sunset together, no doubt in search of their inner clown.


Live Band     |     The Acoustic Dance Music Revival

Three guitars – three guitars is all it took to have an entire crowd of onlookers tapping their feet to the music. The Acoustic Dance Music Revival stayed true to their name with an acoustic set that made everyone present feel better about their day, their lives, and everything else.


Fringe Performances     |     Invisible City

Five beautiful short stories by Italo Calvino were seen in a whole new light when presented by the members of Mitee-Char Kalyan. The simple, yet effective, use of lighting, the brilliant utilisation of the space available, and the innovative use of live music for the score elevated the play to a whole other level.

There was hardly any place left at Prithvi House and, before we knew it, it was standing room only. Nobody complained, though, as time seemed to fly by once the play had begun.


Platform Performance     |     Not Just Scripted Laughs

The participants of Shaun William’s workshop on improv comedy took to the stage this evening and hilarity ensued. Taking cues from the audience, the performers came up with completely impromptu skits that, more often than not, took a turn towards the absurd and had everyone laughing until they couldn’t anymore.

Now there’s an idea! Maybe we should talk to Shaun about setting up a Thespo Laughter Club.


Play     |     Kabadi- Uncut    |     Written by Siddhesh Purkar     Directed by Suraj Parasnis

The tone was set from the moment the thronging crowds walked into Prithvi Theatre and looked at the stage. Rarely have we seen the iconic theatre look as unrecognisable as it did today. There were heaps of garbage, massive concrete pipes and uninhabitable tenements sprawled across the stage, turning it into a very convincing landfill.

It only got better once the play began. The acting was immense and served to bolster the illusion that we were right there – in the midst of all the muck and filth – with the rag-pickers, living vicariously through them and looking into a world that is alien to us all. The otherwise entertaining play took a rather grim turn towards the end and reminded us about the harshness of life for those less privileged than ourselves.

BMCC, Pune, have proved once again that they are amongst the premier groups in Marathi youth theatre and we can’t wait to see what they have for next year’s screening process.

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