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Thespo 15: Day 3

Posted on 13th Dec 2013



We’re half-way through Thespo 15! Now is when you should start panicking if you haven’t made it to the festival so far this year.

Here’s a recap of the day’s events:


Workshop     |     Starting Off: Idea To Treatment

The inimitable Mahesh Dattani conducted this writing workshop for Thespo 15. He walked the participants through the basics of writing techniques – from character archetypes to the importance of conflict. There were discussions about popular story arcs, followed by an analysis of popular books and movies to illustrate a point being discussed. Hands on and practical, the workshop generated quite a bit of written material that was revised and critiqued in order to give the participants a better idea of what they could improve upon.


Live Band     |     Wajood

Having previously opened for popular Pakistani band, Jal, the expectations of Wajood were quite high. Thespo is glad to report that they never failed to deliver. Wajood covered popular Hindi film music, imparting their signature style to all the tracks they played, and the audience loved every melodious second of it. The instantly recognisable songs had many audience members singing along with the band, while a few even lending their voices to the chorus. Their signature blend of Alt Pop/Rock was just the right means to set the tone for a very enjoyable evening at Thespo.


Fringe Performances     |     I Dance For Bananas

This performance was the final piece of Barbara Anderlic’s workshop for Thespo 15, where they spent two weeks rehearsing three Spanish one acts just for this show. The excitement at the venue was palpable, and Prithvi House quickly filled up. The strong performances from the female leads and the provocative script were the highlights of the show. The youngsters surprised the audience with their raw talent and the level of maturity that they displayed while bringing the script to life.


Platform Performance     |     Rat race

The members of Minoritie Productions from Christ University, Bangalore, took to the stage with their street play, ‘Rat race’. The aim was to highlight the foolishness of taking shortcuts in order to get ahead of others and they certainly succeeded because nobody moved out of Prithvi foyer for the twenty minutes that they performed. They incorporated elements of street play and satire to poke fun at the myriad ways in which society makes a fool of itself when trying to move forward without having done anything to justify such advancement. Held at Prithvi foyer just before the 9 p.m play meant that, for once, standing in line for a show at Prithvi theatre was something that everyone seemed happy to do.


Play     |     786    |     Written by Abhishek Pattnaik      Directed by Murtuza Kutianawala

Another day and another full house at Thespo 15! The buzz surrounding the play meant that, within minutes of the house being declared open, every seat was quickly taken, leaving latecomers scrambling for whatever seats they could find. The play was the group’s first attempt at experimental theatre and while the entire team put up a good performance, it was Abhishek Pattnaik – in his role as a eunuch – who completely stole the show.


That’s three down and two to go for Thespo this year. The end is drawing ever nearer and here you are reading this blog instead of coming down to the festival. Get up, get going – and Thespo.

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