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Thespo 15: Day 4

Posted on 14th Dec 2013



We’re four days into the festival now, but it seems like just yesterday that Thespo 15 kicked off. It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. Today is extra special because we have Natak Company, Pune, at the festival today. For those who don’t know, Natak Company has been returning year after year ever since they put up their first production, ‘Dalan’, for Thespo five years ago.

So, in addition to having our friends return, we also have several other performances – each drastically different from the one before it. With something for everyone, we can say that Thespo truly is all for one and one for all.

Here’s a recap of the day’s events:


Workshop     |     Creating DIY Environments

Clerke & Joy’s second workshop for Thespo 15 was a real crowd-puller. Many of the cast of yesterday’s platform performance from Christ University, Bangalore, signed up for the workshop. Their enthusiasm was infectious and there were plenty of smiles & laughter all around. The workshop focused on transforming a space by employing a variety of techniques such as a vocal soundscape, background score produced by human effort and other such noises meant to give a limited space an additional dimension.


Live Band     |     The Chudail and Demons

The band took to the stage with a mix of originals and popular covers. Fresh off a show in Goa, The Chudail and Demons brought the famous relaxed Goan atmosphere to Prithvi theatre and time seemed to almost come to a halt amidst the hustle and bustle of Bombay. The occasion was just as special for the band itself as it was for us, as Prithvi is where the band members first met each other and decided to play together.


Fringe Performances     |     Kamathipura Ki Zindagi

Girls from the NGO ‘Kranti’ took to the stage this evening in what was to be a very special performance for both them and Thespo. Kranti works with girls from the red light areas and makes them agents of social change. Performing for the very first time, the girls told us their moving stories in the form of a play at Prithvi House. They gave us a peek into a world that nearly all of us are misinformed about and their stories helped us to see past the prejudices that blind us to their suffering. After the play, the girls stayed behind to answer any questions that the audience had and everyone left feeling a little more enlightened.


Platform Performance     |     El Horizonte – Amey Mehta & Troupe

This was a contemporary dance performance devised as a movement piece for Thespo 15. Amey Mehta and his team of three other dancers held the audience in a spell with their sublime elegance and grace. This performance followed his last performance at Thespo, and just like last time, this too was received great reviews from everyone in the crowd.


Play     |     Mi…Ghalib     |     Written by Om Bhutkar        Directed by Aalok Rajwade

Natak Company Pune’s reputation obviously preceded them as we had yet another House Full show at Thespo today. The team has been returning to Thespo year after year since Thespo 10 and their shows have always been consistent in setting a high benchmark for the plays that we have at Thespo. This year was no exception. ‘Mi…Ghalib’ transcended linguistic boundaries and told a timeless tale chronicling parallel lives. Om Bhutkar, in the titular role, completely stole the show. The seamless flow between scenes, linked perfectly to the beautiful Indian classical music that accompanied the transitions, was beautiful to behold. The efforts paid off when, at the end of the play, they received a unanimous standing ovation.

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