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Thespo 15: Day 5

Posted on 18th Dec 2013



Finally we come to the day we’ve all been dreading – our last day at Prithvi. So far, we’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff at this year’s festival and we’re determined to meet this lofty benchmark today as well.



Workshop     |     Creating DIY Environments

Day two of Clerke and Joy’s workshop saw the same level of enthusiasm from the previous day. Prithvi House looked like a warzone by the time they were done – bits of paper, mounds of talcum powder and several pools of water bore testament to the workshoppers’ prowess at using everyday objects to build new environments for the stage. The workshop culminated in a short performance by all the partcipants, for people to see what everyone else at the workshop had picked up during their two days there.


Fringe Performances     |     Monkey Bizness

Talk about a crowd-puller! Prithvi House was so full for this show that even the ever-present Thespo volunteers had to leave the venue to make space for all the people who were at the venue. A complete laugh-riot from beginning to end, the play had many in the audience clutching their sides and gasping for breath. The story about three men and the choices that they’ve made in life was topical and easily relatable, but the humour and slapstick was what it seem like so much more than just a peek into someone else’s life. Easily the most humorous performance this year.


Platform Performance     |     Chidiya Ki Kahaani

Our second street play at the festival, CKK was everything that one would expect of an excellent street play. There was brilliant music, lines being delivered with passion, and so much movement and energy. Everyone stood in rapt attention as they told their tale of the evils of patriarchy and gender bias and several members of the audience were deeply moved by the play. There were quite a few moments to remember – the gasp from the audience, when one of the girls on stage was attacked by a male performer, was proof enough that the audience had well and truly been sucked into the play.


Play     |     Norway.Today     |     Written by Igor Bauersima             Directed by Keshav Moodliar

Our final play, ‘Norway.Today’, ran to two House-Full shows at Prithvi Theatre today. The group from Delhi impressed everyone with their innovative use of six different actors playing the role of just two characters. What might have been an ambitious project for another group was dealt with through the excellent direction and compelling restructuring of the original plot. Breaking away from the original linearity of the play may have been considered a risky decision by some, but it posed no problem to the play and that is largely thanks to the direction. Special mention must be made of Radhika Mehrotra, whose performance will be remembered for quite a while by everyone who watched the play.

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