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Thespo 16: Day 2, 16th December 2014

Posted on 18th Dec 2014

After yesterday’s huge success, Thespo 16 was back for day two at Prithvi Theatre. The Performances started today and made the Tamasha rise to huge levels!

From morning to night, the fun never stops at Thespo – two workshops, , live band, a fringe, a platform performance and a play. Phew!

It’s never too late to be part of the festival, because we’re on until Sunday, the 21st of December. So head on over to Thespo, pick up a T-shirt or our festival brochure, and proclaim your love for theatre!


Here’s a recap of the day’s events:


Collaborative Writing Workshop by Rachael Clerke - 

A half-day workshop for writers and performers exploring how we can use each other’s skills to create texts for performance. The Workshop was a buzzing hub of young and innovative writers sharing their fresh ideas. A brilliant start to a day full of Tamasha!


The Aesthetics of Indian English Theatre by Mahesh Dattani -

A great workshop which involved tons of laughter and learning while Mr. Dattani explained the intricate world of the Indian english theatre. Extremely happy with the response of the participants, Mahesh Dattani Tweeted and I quote "A fabulous bunch of participants at my workshop at Thespo. Enjoyed working with them." 


Band Performance by Shubhangi Joshi - 

During such a busy day with multiple performances and workshops, the one thing that got everyone to stop in their tracks and relax was the breath taking performance by Shubhangi Joshi and she did this single handedly! Her soothing music really bought some rhythym to the usual chaos that is Thespo! 


Fringe Performance "Wires" - 

A play comprising of 4 monologues portraying 4 different sides of the intricate world of sex workers. The play broke the fourth wall to make the audience a part of the play. The setup of the play was brilliant as it had all four characters in the 4 corners of the room which gave a multi layered feel to the play almost to say thst there is so much more than what meets the eye. The play rocked Prithvi house with over 70 people in the audience.


Platform Performance "Aparajeeta" - 

A one woman monologue about a woman who has to struggle for her existence every day. A striking performance that gathered the attention of everyone aaround Prithvi cafe and drew them towards the foyer to witness this extremely honest and poignant piece on women in our society



Play "Normal" - 

The tone was set from the moment the thronging crowds walked into Prithvi Theatre for our first main play at Thespo 16. With the show being house full, the expectations were set really high by the audience. An the play didn't disssapoint!

The acting was immense and served to bolster the illusion that we were right there – in the complex mind of a serial killer like Peter Kurten who was as brutal as they come. The play recieved a standing ovation and deservedly so! 

We Thank the entire cast and crew of Normal for their brilliant performance and we look forward to what they have in store for the future.  








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