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Thespo 16 Day 4, 18th December 2014

Posted on 21st Dec 2014

And just like that we have crossed the halfway mark at India's Premier Youth Theatre Festival, Thespo 16! These past four days have been full of Plays, Platform performances, Fringes, Band performances, Workshops and basically all kinds of Tamasha! So if you haven't yet, then you need to Plug Into the Tamasha NOW!

Here's a recap of the events at Thespo 16 - Day 4:

"Speak the Speech" Workshop by Shernaz Patel: The day began with a workshop by the highly appreciated theatre and film actress on an actor's relationship with the script. The workshop had a huge impact on the young participants who took part in several fresh and innovative exercises.

"Understanding Music for Theatre" by Kaizad Gherda: The second day of this highly successful workshop had everything any music buff could ask for, some live musical lessons, popular film and theatre soundtracks and a simply great musical experience.

Band Performance by Vivek Date: The two man Band made the entire Prithvi Theatre, right up to the cafe tap their feet and bob their heads to the bands catchy and energetic music!

"Avyakt" - Fringe Performance: A brilliant short piece on how some unexpected things can have the biggest impact on our lives. It received a very powerful response from the audience.

"Happy Ending" - Platform Performance: A short Marathi street play that bought a smile to every one's face and gave the audience a pleasing happy ending.

"Castle of Glass" - Pune has always been an integral part of Thespo. Every year, Plays selected from Pune are some of the most anticipated ones. This year again, Pune did not disappoint with Castle of Glass. This Psycho - Thriller kept the audience on the edge of their seats and got the well deserved attention of each and every person in the audience.

After 4 days, the week is still young and there is much more Tamasha waiting to happen, make sure that you Plug In & Join the Tamasha NOW!  

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This is sparta!
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