Ovation Starters

Rs. 200
  • Get a quirky shout out on our Facebook, Instagram page and our festival magazine 

When you contribute via this slab, you help us cover the Internet handling charges. 

Even a mere contribution of 200 can cover a lot of costs, this digital year of Thespo needs to tend to the internet charges and by contributing to this slab you will be helping us with it. Thespo will make the best use of your contribution.

Theatre Browsers

Rs. 500
  • You get a digital personalised letter from us for your support and love
  • Thespo’s online festival magazine will be sent, just for you
  • And ofcouse the rewards from Ovation Starters

When you contribute via this slab, you help us cover the costs of the volunteers that help us make this movement come alive.

Our Thespo volunteers are hardworking and the main reason for all the initiatives to go on smoothly, without the help of these young theatre minds, this movement would not have been possible. 

Plot Builders

Rs. 1,000
  • You get a Special mention in our digital magazine and Thespo Ink
  • You get a ticket to one of our Thespo Tapri shows, come listen to some stories with us
  • And the rewards from Theatre Browsers

When you contribute via this slab, you help us conduct Saturday Open House and aid the growing and ever popular Theatre Bugs community (a Thespo initiative)

Thespo wants to build a community of young theatre enthusiasts and these initiatives help us tend to the curiosity of young minds and help them choose their directions in Theatre.

Idea Illuminators

Rs. 2,000
  • You get a ticket to one of our Flagship performances, come enjoy the magic of theatre
  • Don’t forget the rewards from Plot Builders

When you contribute via this slab, you help us use the online platform to find new talent and promote Thespo to those who are not aware of a platform for young minds. 

We want to reach as many talented young people in the world as possible and let them know of our initiatives, and create the future of Theatre. 


Nurturing Narrators

Rs. 5,000
  • A Friend of Thespo diary for your thoughts to be imprinted on pages
  • And also a set of Bookmarks
  • You will also be getting the rewards from Idea Illuminators
When you contribute via this slab, you help us in screening process of all the plays and also cover the fee of the screening panel as well.
We screen 200 above plays all together, for which we have our screening panel who watch all these plays and reach to a conclusion as to which plays perform at the festival. This includes costs and thus you will be helping us cover these costs and support youth theatre.

Actor Enablers

Rs. 7,000
  • An exclusive Friend of Thespo T-shirt, just for you!
  • A Mask, to protect you in these times of crisis
  • Not to mention the rewards from Nurturing Narrators

When you contribute via this slab, you help us set up the festival week and also help us generate documentation for the festival.

Thespo hosts its festival in December and as it is a digital Festival this year, we will have to help our participants set up for their performances. Your contribution will help us pull off the weeklong festival smoothly. We also document the entire festival that culminates into a Festival Film. You will add the spark to our fireworks

Backstage Believers

Rs. 10,000
  • A tree in your name, to make this festival eco friendly and a contribution from your side to Theatre and nature
  • Not to mention the rewards from Actor Enablers

When you contribute via this slab, you enable us to provide the teams in the festival with their production cost.

The selected teams often come across additional costs regarding sets, costumes, censorship and a hundred other things they never had to worry about before. Your contribution makes a world of difference to them.

Performance Purveyor

Rs. 15,000
  • A pass to attend any one of our workshops
  • Not to mention the rewards from Backstage Believers

When you contribute via this slab, you help us provide Mentorship for the curated plays, which in turn help the participants to enhance their theatrical nuances.

Plays that are curated from our screening process are introduced to our mentorship program which involves them getting support and advice from experienced mentor for specific aspects of the play. You help get the Festival to the best that it can be.


Rs. 20,000
  • You get another ticket to any of the Flagship performances at the Thespo 22 festival 
  • Not to mention the rewards from Performance Purveyor

When you contribute through this slab, you help us cover the stipend for the production cost of the theatre teams that get selected for the festival.

Thespo holds its doors wide open for plays from all over India (and even further!), in any language, any genre and any number of cast and crew. We cover the production stipend for all teams and also transport costs for the teams that come down for the festival from various parts of the country. 

Dramatic Distributor

Rs. 30,000
  • For the love of Theatre! Tickets to any of our Audiotorium plays that are curated in February
  • And obviously the rewards from Performance Purveyor

When you contribute via this slab, you help us with the office costs as we have to pay salaries to those who work on this movement a year long.

Thespo is a movement by the youth and for the youth. The salaries have to paid to these young minds who spend their time working on uplifting youth theatre. 

Master of Dramagiri

Rs. 50,000
  • Get your glam on as you get invited to our Awards Night
  • Half page ad in festival magazine
  • Don’t forget the rewards from Dramatic Distributor

When you contribute to this slab, you help us with our Domestic and International collaborations

More so than often, we have domestic and international theatre makers come down to the festival and interact with the youth.

Community Creator

Rs. 1,00,000
  • Full page ad in our festival Magazine
  • You will also be getting a special mention in our Festival film
  • Need we say, Rewards also from Master of Dramagiri

When you contribute to this slab, you help us create a global community of young theatre professionals.

Right from the workshops, collaborations, screenings, performances and yearlong initiatives – Thespo is actively working towards building a global community of young theatre professionals.  Come be a driving hand for India’s biggest youth theatre movement.

What is Thespo 22?

The 22nd edition of the annual youth theatre festival is going online due to the circumstances we are in with the Covid 19 situation, we are still excited to take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals and use the online medium to its best. Apart from play productions and performances, we have a number of workshops and collaborations that further build the skills of the next generation theatrewalas! 

“Thespo is one of the most important theatre movements in the last 50 years.”– Alyque Padamsee

Who is Thespo for?

Thespo is a youth theatre movement for and by, youngsters who are under the age of 25. It is an opportunity for anyone interested in any aspect of theatre. The growth of Thespo from a one-evening event to a year-round movement has happened not only with overwhelming participation and performances but also with the initiatives taken by enthusiastic organizing teams that build the festival year after year.

“A lot of energy in the room, young artists … It’s nice that people are so enthusiastic about Thespo and it’s growing every year which is a testimony of it’s success.” – Richa Chadda

Why Thespo?

Thespo invites teams from across the country to help them become an integral part of building a global community of emerging theatre professionals. It gives young talent a platform to perform on, at par with professional theatre groups in the city. Our endeavour to train and build a better theatre being, comes across in every aspect of the festival: whether it is the mentorship the selected performances get, the workshops during the festival, the curated performances that give further opportunities for training for those participants, and even the organising team, who learn how to handle such a large theatre event, at such a young age!

When you fund Thespo, you’re helping to build a community that trains young enthusiasts, and prepares them to take on the theatre world!

“Thespo is a platform which provides amateurs and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents. There is no better platform than Thespo in Mumbai and in India.” – Nimrat Kaur

What are our plans for this year?

This year we plan to make the best use of online medium and uplift youth theatre. We’ve planned a lot for this year, as we have flagship performances, Audiotorium and Thespo tapri. Along with these we have plans  for curating various Domestic and International collaborations and Workshops. The online medium has broken many boundaries for us as we can reach people all around the world and not just India. 

“I support Thespo because this city needs initiatives like this. For our soul.” – Vishal Dadlani

Why crowdfunding?

One year when the corporate support failed us, Thespo turned to its friends for help and a crowdfunding movement was born! We look at individuals to support the movement by creating a community of theatre lovers called ‘Friends of Thespo aka FOT’. FOT is now a thriving community of theatre-goers, patrons of the art, ex-Thespoans and so on who help us take the movement forwards every year.

“Thespo is everything to me. Where I am and wherever I will go, is because of Thespo, which happened to me when I was 19.” – Pawan Kumar

What are the risks and challenges associated with our project?

Thespo aims at building a community of theatre professionals across the country. But the biggest challenge we face is to reach out to newer cities for the screening and workshops due to a lack of funds. Besides this, a large amount is invested in booking spaces and collaborating with our mentors to make this festival.

“Thespo is the only one of its kind platform for youth theatre in India.” – Arundhati Nag

What happens if we don’t raise enough money?

If we don’t raise the money, we cut down on costs. The efforts that we normally want to put into building this theatre community will have to be watered down. While we will still do our best to manage with what we have, we know we can do a much better job with your support!
How are we going to prove that we won’t just take all the money and run away?
We are certainly not in the theatre to make money! We believe in what we do and have faith in the power of theatre. It is the people that make it a wonderful world to be a part of; as do you. The money will completely go into the efforts of our artists and the logistics, which together make the art happen, year after year!

For contributors out of India, reach us at fot@thespo.org

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