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What is Thespo 20?

With the 20th edition of the annual youth theatre festival, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals. Apart from full-length productions and performances, we have a number of workshops and collaborations that further build the skills of the next generation of theatrewalas!

The festival will take place from 17th to 22nd December 2018, at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, India

About the project

This is the nineteenth festival being conducted by Thespo, a youth theatre movement for and by under-25 year olds. With new initiatives, stronger mentorships and a lot of registrations, Thespo promises a kickass year!

Who is Thespo for?

Thespo is for and by, youngsters under the age of 25. It is an opportunity for anyone interested in any aspect of theatre. The growth of Thespo from a one-evening event to a year round movement has happened not only with overwhelming participation and performances but also with the initiatives taken by enthusiastic organizing teams that build the festival year after year.

Why Thespo?

Thespo invites teams across the country and helps form an integral part of the process of building a global community of youth theatre professionals.

It gives young talent a platform to perform on, at par with professional theatre groups in the city. Our endeavour to train and build a better theatre being, comes across in every aspect of the festival: whether it is the mentorship the selected plays get, the workshops during the festival, the curated performances that give further opportunities for training for those participants, and even the organising team, who learn how to handle such a large theatre event, at such a young age!

When you fund Thespo, you’re helping to build a community that trains young enthusiasts, and prepares them to take on the theatre world!

How is Thespo 19 better than Thespo 18?

Every year, we try to make our festival bigger and better; we learn from our experiences, and as a result, each year’s festival is a bit better and more prepared than the previous year’s. Apart from that, this year, we have expanded and have registrations from cities and towns that have never registered before, such as Ahmednagar and Islampur!

Besides that, we have a number of workshops, with focus on our new initiative Director's Adda. Add to that all day activities at the festival and carefully curated workshops that involve diverse aspects of the art, opening the festival up to theatre enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.


What’s happening at the festival this year?

This year we have 141 teams that have registered their full-length productions across 17 cities and 13 languages! Our screening panelists Priti Bakalkar & Rebecca Spurgeon travel across 9 cities to watch the plays live and provide intensive feedback to every team. Some outstanding productions from these screenings will be hosted at the festival. Apart from full-length productions, we will also have short duration plays, live music performances, unique theatre workshops, theatre games, readings and even a museum! There's also Director's Adda, our fresh program for the masters-in-making of the theatre world!


Why crowdfunding?

One year when corporate support failed us, Thespo turned to its friends for help and a crowdfunding movement call 'Friends of Thespo' was born! We look at individuals to support the movement by creating a community of theatre lovers called ‘Friends of Thespo’. FOT is now a thriving community of theatre-goers, patrons of the art, ex-Thespoans and so on who help us take the movement forwards every year.

What are the risks and challenges associated with our project?

The major risk we have is that young people may not come in large numbers to attend the workshops for them. We would need to ensure that our publicity is good enough that we reach out to the young people who can make the most of the workshops that we are curating.

What happens if we don't raise enough money?

If we don’t raise the money, we cut down on costs. The efforts that we normally want to put into building this theatre community will have to be watered down. While we will still do our best to manage with what we have, we know we can do a much better job with your support!

How are we going to prove that we won't just take all the money and run away?

We are certainly not in the theatre to make money! We believe in what we do and have faith in the power of theatre. It is the people that make it a wonderful world to be a part of; as do you. The money will completely go into the efforts of our artists and the logistics, which together make the art happen, year after year!

*For people residing outside India, please reach out to us on to make a donation.

Swell - Rs. 1,000

  • You get a special mention in Thespo Ink, February 2018 edition.
  • And a shout out on Facebook.

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Inflate - Rs. 2,500

  • We send you a physical copy of the Festival magazine.
  • You also get a Thespo 19 badge.
  • Oh also, rewards from Swell.

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Boost - Rs. 3,500

  • Thank you for sticking with us! We'll send you a set of Thespo fridge magnets.
  • An exclusively designed 'Friend of Thespo' T-Shirt, ONLY available through our campaign that you can flaunt in front of your other theatre friends.
  • Obviously, rewards from Inflate.

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Magnify - Rs. 5,500

  • Let us host you! We send you two tickets for a play of your choice at the festival
  • There’s also a sketched postcard from Team Thespo!
  • Take home a Thespo Bookmark too.
  • Your name goes up on our website as our patron.
  • Did we mention? Rewards from Boost.

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Heighten - Rs. 7,500

  • Spot our gratitude at the festival! We display your name in the funders' credit section at the venue gallery!
  • You're part of our circle now! We send you an invite for one of the international performances followed by a Q/A session with the cast and crew.
  • And guess what, an exclusive Thespo diary!
  • Rewards from Magnify.

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Strengthen - Rs. 10,000

  • You are cordially invited to the awards night at Little Theatre, NCPA.
  • Select your favorite plays at the festival, because you get 2 tickets to any 2 plays (This includes the tickets from Magnify).
  • We also gift you a personally signed poster by the international performance teams.
  • Duh-duoy! Rewards from Heighten.

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Intensify - Rs. 25,000

  • We thank you for your contribution before the International project performances
  • We send you a fun personalized mug!
  • The team that wins Outstanding Play sends you a signed poster!
  • Oh and attend High Tea with all the participants right before awards night.
  • 2 Tickets to plays at Thespo@Prithvi in 2018.
  • Attend a workshop at Thespo@Prithvi.
  • Need we say? Rewards from Strengthen!

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Amplify - Rs. 50,000

  • We thank you for your contribution in the announcement before the International workshop.
  • We will welcome you with coffee and snack at the festival.
  • 2 tickets to all plays at the festival (that includes previously mentioned rewards).
  • A Thespo Goodie Bag (an upcycle bag, a set of coasters, handprinted t-shirt, theatre masks, upcycle pouch).
  • Naturally, rewards from Intensify.

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Dial Up! - Rs. 1,00,000

  • We thank you in our announcements before every performance at the Festival.
  • We reserve your favourite seats for all the performances.
  • You'll get to attend any 2 workshops at the festival.
  • Even a special mention in the festival film!
  • In case you lost count, around 40 rewards from Amplify!

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