“Ah… I have a stomach pain, I really can’t go to school!”
Who said to whom?
You guessed it right! Every kid to their parents.

Thespo thought why not bring out this nautanki in every kid, who are the future of this theatre movement. And thus, Dramabaazi!!!
Dramabaazi focuses entirely on making theatre more accessible and fun for children with it’s main motto being “Theatre for children, and theatre by children.” Dramabaazi provides them with a platform to build their confidence, develop their skills and showcase the inherent dramatic side every kid has.
Dramabaazi is a complete amicable endeavour from the start until the end. The month long workshops are conducted by artists who are no strangers to the kids’ wily ways. For getting the dramebaaz-kids on board, scripts are sifted through, till the end product reached is child-friendly. The traits are inspired from the kids-the real actors, and are worked into the fictionalized ones.This helps the kids rehearse and connect with the play, and lightens the intensity behind the acting as they could, to an extent, be themselves. Infact, the constant mischief adds to the performance, also they handle themselves better than professional actors. Kudos to the little-theatre-buffs!

Our last edition was the play Wall Of Colours, written by Akash Mohimen and directed by Abhishek Saha. The play was performed by a talented mix of school peeps and Thespo kids and was produced in association with QTP.
More queries, or want to enquire about the next Dramabaazi, write to us on theatre@thespo.org