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International Collaborations

Understanding Music for Theatre

Understanding Music for Theatre A workshop by Kaizad Gherda This workshop is to open your mind to start thinking about the hidden wheels behind the sounds you hear at a performance. Kaizad will peak behind the curtain and spoil some of the magic that music makes in theatre; so that we understand what this elusive, inexplicable entity does for this medium. From a directorial point of view, the workshop will elaborate on the general uses of music, it's styles, themes and scales of performance in various types of productions and how it can be the most adaptive member of your cast. This workshop will also teach you to start thinking and developing a particular chain of thought while composing for a production. Leave this workshop understanding how and why music is affecting you when you see your next theatre performance, and understand how to adapt these basic ideas of music design to one's own performances. Kaizad Gherda is grade 8 western classical pianist trained from the Royal School of Music. He has an under-graduate degree in film and communication from St. Xaviers' Kolkata, and a diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE, Mumbai. In the field of Theatre, he has scored music for plays directed by Mahesh Dattani, Rehaan Engineer, Khalid Mohamed, Q Padamsee; and is on stage performing live score for 'Club Desire' by Sunil Shanbag, and 'Cock' by Manish Gandhi. In addition, he has also scored TV shows under the Yash Raj, Disney and Epic banners in India. On a more serious note, he plays keyboards in a comedy rock band 'Alien Chutney'. Date: 17th & 18th December 2014 Time: 2pm to 5pm Venue: Prithvi House Fees: Rs 600/- To register, contact Prachi on 9769145101/thespo16@thespo.org

Renato Rocha, Brazil

After a stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Renato Rocha came to India in August 2012 to conduct a series of workshops. Some with aspiring actors, some with underprivileged children and one in Bangalore that even culminated into a short performance.

Gil Alon, Israel

Israeli director Gil Alon shared his own unique technique of working with actors and movement over two days at Thespo 13.

Ronald Rand, US

In 2011, Ronald Rand, an expert on Harold Clurman, conducted a workshop on 'The Method'.

Sophie Larsmon & Jack Lowe, UK

Our first real 'international' collaboration was when director Sophie Larsmon and composer Jack Lowe both decided to work with an Indian group of actors for two weeks to develop a piece devised from various Shakespeare texts. The piece was performed at Thespo 10.

Nell Raney: Australia

Stage manager and director Nell Raney conducted two workshops during Thespo 11. One was on 'How to run a Show'. The other was on Shadow Theatre. The latter workshop culminated in an exciting performance in the NCPA Parking Lot.

Urban Myth Theatre for Youth, Australia

Urban Myth have had the strongest relationship with Thespo. Since 2008, they have developed numerous projects to coincide with the festival. In 2009, they brought a children's play, The Pirate's Ship, which played at Thespo and at schools across Bombay. The seven actors of the play then combined with seven Indian actors to create a short piece entitled 7on7, about the way each group of youngsters inspired the other. In 2011, Urban Myth sent director David Hirst to work with an all Indian cast on a short piece entitled Us & Them that was staged at Thespo 13.

Kipper Tie, UK

In 2012, Kipper Tie sent Bernie Byrnes and Jim Fowler to conduct a series of workshops at Thespo 13. These included Theatre for Children, Absurdism and even Forum Theatre.

Chickenshed, UK

Jelena Budimir of Chickenshed conducted a 2 day workshop on Shakespeare. Unlocking the Bard's great words through an understanding of the play Othello.

Peckham Shed, UK

Jo Tyabji and Danielle Baker of Peckham Shed, conducted a weeklong workshop with children of mixed abilities from the Bombay Cambridge School. This workshop culminated in a performance at Thespo 10.