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International Collaborations

Paines Plough, UK

In 2010, Paines Plough, the UK's leading 'new writing' theatre sent two people to Thespo 12 to conduct a series of interactions and developments. Sophie Larsmon conducted a workshop on Writing for the Stage, and also a city inspired monologue workshop which culminated into a performance at the festival, Come to Where I Come From. The other Paines Plough representative was Titas Halder, a young British Asian playwright, who was writing a play about the Bhopal Gas tragedy. He was put together with an Indian director and two Indian actors to flesh out parts of his play. The 2 day intense session culminated in a short performance at the festival where audience gave the writer feedback on his words.

Why Not Now Theatre, Canada

Ravi Jain of Why Not Now Theatre, conducted a four day workshop on Working with Masks at Thespoo 12. Introducing young Indian actors to the fine European tradition of performing with masks.

Curious Directive, UK

In 2010 Jack Lowe of Curious Directive, spent three weeks working with a group of movement based actors to create a short piece entitled 180 Degrees which was staged at Thespo 12. As part of the collaboration Jack Lowe also conducted a series of workshops at the festival. These included Working with Materials, Devising Theatre