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Thespo(Started in 1999) is a platform for any and every young person under 25 who is interested in any and all aspects of theatre. Except for the age limit, Thespo firmly believes in including youth from all parts of the world, all fields, all language groups and all art forms who share a love for theatre. Over the years Thespo has showcased the best of youth theatre from across the country in the form of full length plays, platform performances, play readings, devised performances and much more. Theatre stalwarts and practitioners from around the globe have collaborated with young emerging artistes in India to create unique and memorable performances. Regular workshops covering various aspects of theatre have ensured access to professional training in the field. The festival this year, will be held from 17th - 22nd December 2018 at Prithvi Theatre and Cuckoo Club to celebrate the future of theatre.


Theatre Group Bombay(Established in 1944) is one of India’s oldest English language theatre groups whose members (Alyque Padamsee, Sabira Merchant, Gerson Da Cunha, among others) have gone on to become legends in theatre, radio and television.



QTP Entertainment Pvt Ltd(Established in 1999) is a dynamic young theatre group dedicated to promoting and facilitating theatre in the public consciousness through socially relevant plays, workshops, readings, news-letters and much more.