AUDIO-TORIUM 2021 - Where Stories FInd Their Sound

Audio-Torium is an initiative exclusively for audio performances and experiences. Through it, we hope to help develop, curate and digitally showcase innovative experiences through the medium of sound and voice.
Bring your own story idea (Bas idea chahiye, aur kuch nahi!)
Develop your idea to create an audio performance, receive guidance from awesome professionals. Let your idea find it’s voice!
Submit your proposal now! The form is available both in Hindi and in English.
  1. 1. All persons creatively involved in the project must be 25 years of age or under, i.e. born on or after 1st January, 1995. (Except for the writer and producer – they can be above 25 years. )

    2. The eventual airing of the project will be developed over the period of a few months and has to be a minimum of 20 minutes long. Therefore, in the proposal, please tell us about an idea that has the potential to develop into at least a 20-minute long audio piece. There can also be multiple episodes of minimum 20 minutes each

    3. The project can be in any language and of any genre, as long as it is created for the audio-only format.

    4. The project can be verbal or non-verbal, from existing texts or a newly written piece. All the necessary licenses and permissions for the script, dialogue, music, etc. will need to be obtained before it can be aired/showcased.

    5. Please remember, only projects that can be developed in the audio medium (sound only) will be considered. It is essential that the final performance be a purely auditory experience, which means that proposals intending to use pre-recorded video footage, photographs or any kind of visual stimulation will not be considered.

    6. The submitted proposals will be evaluated by an external panel. Their decision on these will be final.

    7. Once your proposal is included in the longlist, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 500/-. This will give you access to the mentorship workshops, and also confirm your work-in-progress presentation at the Work-in-Progress (WIP) sharing in *December 2021. The deposit will be refunded to you if you attend all the mentorship workshops, submit a draft of a script and share your 5 to 7 minutes presentation at the WIP sharing session.

    8. All mandatory age proofs/photo ID proofs that reflect the age of all persons engaged in the project should be submitted to Thespo at the time of paying the refundable deposit.

    9. Please note if you fail to comply to any of the above rules, Thespo reserves the right to disqualify your participation from Audio-Torium 2021-22.

    *Dates mentioned are tentative and are subject to change.

The project Audio-Torium will proceed according to the following timeline.Please note these timelines are tentative and are subject to change. We will inform you well in advance if there are any changes.

1 September 2021: Last date to submit proposals

14 September 2021: Longlist is announced

18 September – 30 October 2021: Series of workshops for longlisted creations

December 2021: Pitch Session for longlisted creations. Exact date TBC.

10 January 2022: Shortlist is announced

13 January 2022 – 28 February2022: Series of workshops and mentorship for shortlisted creators

Mid – March 2022: Showcase of shortlisted audio performances

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no registration fee, there is a refundable  deposit of Rs. 500 to be paid upon being selected for the longlist. The deposit will be refunded if the participants attend all the  mentorship workshops and after the presentation at the work in progress showing in December, 2021.


You can register for Audio-Torium 2021 by filling the request for  proposal form here

The form is also accessible in Hindi here.

  • You need to be 25 years of age or under, that is, born on or  after 1 January 1995 (Except the writer and producer). 
  •  The submitted proposal needs to be for an idea that can be executed in the audio medium only

The duration of the project is upto 8 months.
With the final showcase taking place in March 2022.

No, the audio experience can be in any language and of any genre, as  long as it is created for the audio format.

Workshops and masterclasses will  focus on areas like writing,  directing and producing for audio and the basics of sound design  and editing.

In December 2021 (tentative), a work-in-progress sharing of the  audio samples will be shared by  selected participants with  industry professionals where they’ll receive feedback, suggestions and exchange ideas.

Yes. While newly written pieces are definitely encouraged, it is not  necessary to write your own piece. If you are using an existing text,  the necessary licenses and permissions will need to be obtained  before it can be aired/showcased. 

Yes, absolutely. You just need to have an idea which has the  potential to be developed into an audio piece.

The last date to send the proposal is 1 September, 2021.

Yes. You can submit as many proposals as you would like to. 

The final audio piece should be a minimum of 20 minutes– either as a stand alone episode or as a series of episodes.