"In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create." - David Ogilvy

The Thespo Magazine has everything you need to know about the festival, some amazing articles written and edited with great effort and enthusiasm by the young and of course your ad!

Every year, at the festival, a magazine is published for distribution to all our participants and supporters from across the nation,  for sale at the festival and as a later upload as an e-zine on  issuu.com. You can have a look at last year’s festival magazine by clicking here.

Mail thespo22@thespo.com !



  • Promote yourself to an audience of 3000 people at the festival.
  • It will be distributed to over 500 supporters across the country.
  • The online link will be shared with 15000+ people in the following months.
  • Get a shoutout from our page on Facebook.
  • Support the arts and be a part of Thespo 20.

Who reads this magazine?

  • Our audiences and participants
  • Our sponsors, patrons, and Friends of Thespo
  • The theatre community of Bombay
  • Lots of first-time theatregoers
  • Emerging theatre artists across the nation
  • International collaborators
  • Random people who come to have chai at Prithvi Cafe
  • All the people we connect with in the future

How much will it cost, for what sizes? *

    • Centrefold/Double page: Size – A4, Landscape format (Rs. 20,000/-)
    • Inside Front Cover: Size – A5, Portrait format (Rs. 15,000/-)
    • Inside Back Cover: Size – A5, Portrait format (Rs. 12,000/-)
    • Full Page: Size – A5, Portrait format (Rs. 10,000/-)
    • Half Page: Size – A6, Landscape format (Rs. 5,000/-)

All the above rates are for coloured pages, no separate costing for B/W. An additional cost of Rs. 5,000/- if you want us to design an advertisement for you.

*Please contact us for subsidised rates for theatre ads.

Accepted Files
High-resolution PDF (preferred)
Illustrator CC or below (type converted to curves)
Please name the file with YOUR advertiser name and issue date. 

All provided photos should be CMYK, 300dpi and sized at 100% when imported into your layout program.
All provided photos should be colour-corrected and ready for print.
Please also include embedded files.