If you are a performer or a theatre company or just a theatre professional, Thespo is just waiting to collaborate.
You can be from within India or outside India and we will make it work.

As a part of our collaborative projects, one can collaborate to either build a performance, or conduct a workshop, or just work with some young artists to explore and experiment with different forms of theatre making.

Over the last 11 years we have collaborated with theatre professionals from UK, USA, Brazil, Greece, and Australia. The collaborations have included working with an NGO like Kranti, or working on a performance installation, or a performance based on multimedia and so much more.

Mail to us at theatre@thespo.org for more info.

Previous Collaborations

Qualities of "Mercy?"

During the 2020 global lockdown, Thespo found itself connecting with a Shakespeare youth camp in Vermont. What resulted of this union, was a digitized performance of Shakespeare’s play, “Merchant of Venice” The performance was used to confront prejudice, violence, and hate speech.

“We dealt with the pandemic lockdown, responded to the Black Lives Matter movement, the riots within India, and put on a play. From 8,000 miles apart, we recorded our discussions and rehearsals, our discomfort and our laughter, on our laptops and phones. The many hours of material were whittled down to an hour and have been put together in a documentary” – Peter Gould, Director.