Raised: Rs. 11,09,073
Target: Rs. 15,00,000
Be Dramatic - Rs. 200
  • You get a shout out on Facebook
    (Help us put up a poster or more)

    First Bell - Rs. 1,000
  • You will get a Thespo badge
  • And the shout out from Be Dramatic
    (Help us feed our volunteers)

    Proscenium Prometheus - Rs. 2,000
  • You get a special mention in our e-zine Thespo Ink and our festival magazine
  • We will send you a copy of our festival magazine
  • Also, rewards from the previous slabs
    (Help us rent a space to where young talent can work on their skills)

    Mime Mentor - Rs. 4,500

  • An exclusively designed ‘Friends of Thespo’ T-shirt will now be yours to flaunt in front of your friends.
  • Take home a set of bookmarks too!
  • Don’t forget the rewards from Proscenium Prometheus
    (Help us document the festival)

    Stage Sage - Rs. 7,500

  • Thank you for sticking with us, we’ll send you a set of Thespo magnets
  • And also a set of Thespo coasters
  • A tree will be planted in your name in our theatre forests in Jharkhand
  • Plus the rewards included in Mime Mentor
    (Help us connect with community of young theatre talent)

    Dependable Dramaturg - Rs. 12,000

  • Let us host you! You get 2 tickets to any of the Festival shows
  • You will receive an illustrated postcard
  • We will also gift you a special plant in a pot
  • You also get an Upcycle bag from Thespo
  • Not to mention the rewards also from  the Stage Sage
    (Help young talent train under Theatre Veterans)

    Neighbourly Natsamrat - Rs. 21,000

  • You get 2 tickets to any of the Thespo at Prithvi Shows that happen after the festival in December (exclusive of the tickets you already had from the previous rewards)
  • We reserve your seats for the International performance along with which you get a personalised poster of the play
  • We also gift you a customised Thespo cap.
  • Add to your stationery a customised notebook
  • And of course, the rewards from the Dependable Dramaturge.
    (Help us host the outstation teams during the festival)

    Powerful Protagonist - Rs. 30,000

  • We invite you to the Thespo Awards Night
  • Grab a friend along to watch a play as you get an additional 2 tickets to all the festival plays
  • We thank you in our credits before the International performance
  • We shall personalise a Thespo mug just for you
  • You are welcome to participate in any one of the non-age restricted workshops during the festival
  • It goes without saying, the rewards from the Neighbourly Natsamrat
    (Help Indian artists collaborate with International Theatre makers)

    Operatic Orchestrator - Rs. 60,000

  • We thank you in our credits before all the workshops and the International performance.
  • Even after the festival, you can keep dropping by as you will get 2 more tickets to all Thespo at Prithvi plays until June 2019
  • It's time to add in a Thespo calendar on your shelf
  • You can put up half a page of an advertisement in the Festival magazine
  • We will also give you a copy of Thespo's first publication of original plays from the last 20 years legacy
  • Naturally, rewards from Powerful Protagonist
    (Help young talent showcase their performances at the festival)

    The Dues Ex Machina - Rs. 1,00,000

  • We thank you before all the performances
  • We reserve your favourite seats for every show at the festival
  • You get a free seat in all of the non-age restricted workshops
  • Look out for your name in the Festival film
  • You can put up a full page of an advertisement in the Festival magazine
  • To top it all you get an exclusive pass to Thespo's 20-year reunion dinner
  • Need we say, Rewards also from Operatic Orchestrator
    (Help us produce a global youth theatre movement)

    *For people residing outside India, please reach out to us on to make a donation.

    What is Thespo 20?

    With the 20th edition of the annual youth theatre festival, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals. Apart from full-length productions and performances, we have a number of workshops and collaborations that further build the skills of the next generation theatrewalas! The festival will take place from 17th to 22nd December 2018, at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, India

    “Thespo is one of the most important theatre movements in the last 50 years."
    - Alyque Padamsee
    Who is Thespo for?

    Thespo is a youth theatre movement for and by, youngsters who are under the age of 25. It is an opportunity for anyone interested in any aspect of theatre. The growth of Thespo from a one-evening event to a year-round movement has happened not only with overwhelming participation and performances but also with the initiatives taken by enthusiastic organizing teams that build the festival year after year.

    “A lot of energy in the room, young artists … It’s nice that people are so enthusiastic about Thespo and it’s growing every year which is a testimony of it’s success.”
    - Richa Chadda
    Why Thespo?

    Thespo invites teams from across the country to help them become an integral part of building a global community of emerging theatre professionals. It gives young talent a platform to perform on, at par with professional theatre groups in the city. Our endeavour to train and build a better theatre being, comes across in every aspect of the festival: whether it is the mentorship the selected performances get, the workshops during the festival, the curated performances that give further opportunities for training for those participants, and even the organising team, who learn how to handle such a large theatre event, at such a young age!

    When you fund Thespo, you’re helping to build a community that trains young enthusiasts, and prepares them to take on the theatre world!

    “Thespo is a platform which provides amateurs and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents. There is no better platform than Thespo in Mumbai and in India.”
    - Nimrat Kaur
    What are our plans for this year?

    This year we plan to watch over 150 plays across the country. In the month of July, we officially launched the new Thespo year with ‘The First Call’ at Prithvi and is now spreading the word across the country. This year we are already in talks to build a production, with help from a UK theatre maker, surrounding every vital theme of ‘sexual violation’ and ‘consent’. In addition, we will also have Theatre Bugs, Natyakala, TAP and other new Thespo initiatives which are in the planning that we shall soon update you about.

    “I support Thespo because this city needs initiatives like this. For our soul.”
    - Vishal Dadlani
    Why crowdfunding?

    One year when the corporate support failed us, Thespo turned to its friends for help and a crowdfunding movement was born! We look at individuals to support the movement by creating a community of theatre lovers called ‘Friends of Thespo aka FOT’. FOT is now a thriving community of theatre-goers, patrons of the art, ex-Thespoans and so on who help us take the movement forwards every year.

    “Thespo is everything to me. Where I am and wherever I will go, is because of Thespo, which happened to me when I was 19."
    - Pawan Kumar
    What are the risks and challenges associated with our project??

    Thespo aims at building a community of theatre professionals across the country. But the biggest challenge we face is to reach out to newer cities for the screening and workshops due to a lack of funds. Besides this, a large amount is invested in booking spaces and collaborating with our mentors to make this festival.

    "Thespo is the only one of its kind platform for youth theatre in India.”
    - Arundhati Nag
    What happens if we don't raise enough money?

    If we don’t raise the money, we cut down on costs. The efforts that we normally want to put into building this theatre community will have to be watered down. While we will still do our best to manage with what we have, we know we can do a much better job with your support!
    How are we going to prove that we won't just take all the money and run away?
    We are certainly not in the theatre to make money! We believe in what we do and have faith in the power of theatre. It is the people that make it a wonderful world to be a part of; as do you. The money will completely go into the efforts of our artists and the logistics, which together make the art happen, year after year!

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