What is Thespo? 


What is Thespo 22: Double the Dramagiri? 

Thespo is a Youth Theatre Movement. Thespo 22 is the 22nd edition of the festival which happens annually in December. Each year’s festival has a tagline associated with it. This tagline drives the energy that the community brings to, and associates with the festival. This year’s festival tagline is “Double the Dramagiri”!

This year, the festival is going to take place virtually. 

What will happen at this year’s festival? 

Every year, Thespo hosts an exciting Youth Theatre Festival. The festival showcases performances by young artists under the age of 25, specially curated through a screening process, training and mentorship sessions.

This year is a bit different. Thespo is organizing India’s first DIGITAL Youth Theatre Festival. The digital festival will include LIVE performances, workshops, panel discussions, international collaborations, a project to develop audio performances – Auditorium, theatre games and so much more!

To register your performance in the flagship category, click here. To see rules and regulations for the same, click here

To send in a proposal for Audiotorium, click here

How can I be a part of the Digital Festival? 

There are several ways to participate in the upcoming festival.

As a performer, you can register your performance in the flagship category of the festival at this link. The Thespo team will then get in touch with you to schedule a screening meeting at which a team of panelists will watch your performance. At the festival, the live performances in the flagship category will be ticketed (which means that audiences will purchase a ticket to watch them). 

As a volunteer on the Thespo crew, you can help organize the festival from anywhere in the world! To be part of the crew, fill the form here.

As an audience member, come enjoy four days of live performances and festivities at the festival in December! Get yourself a festival pass from our website (info will be updated soon). To be part of an online extravaganza of innovative live performances, story telling, workshops, mentorship sessions, international collaborations, music, games and much more! 

What do I have to do to be part of the Digital Festival? 

To register a performance, click here

To volunteer as a Thespo crew member, click here

Links to sign up for workshops will be live soon. 

What are the different ways I can get involved with Thespo as a performer I can register for? 

You can register your performance for the flagship performance that is showcased at the festival.

You can submit a proposal for a project that involves the audio medium as a part of our extended initiative – Audio-Torium.

You can register for our solo storytelling initiative Thespo Tapri.

Thespo Tapri FAQ:

Can I use a monologue from a play or an excerpt from an essay? 

No, a monologue from a play or an excerpt from an essay cannot be used. The story must be a stand-alone piece. 

What criteria do I need to meet to be able to participate?

You need to be 25 and under (Everyone born on and after 1st January 1994 is eligible).

Your piece needs to be 5-7 mins long. 

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a registration fee of Rs. 100.

How do I register my piece for Thespo Tapri? 

You fill this form up right here. You will be contacted with payment details shortly after. Your registration is complete only upon having paid the registration fees of rupees 100 and after submitting the script of the intended performance piece. 

I don’t have a performance ready, can I still register for Thespo Tapri?

Yes of course, by registering you will be booking a slot for us to come see your performance, it is not necessary for you to have all the details while filling the form. However, you do need to submit a script of your piece to us by the 30th of August. 

Will I have to send a video of my performance?

We will not be watching pre-recorded video submission. We will schedule a time slot for each participant to perform live in real time for a screening panel. 

Can I perform along with someone?

No. It must be a solo performance. 

Can I read out a story?

No, the story must be performed. 

Do I need to write a story on my own? 

While original stories are definitely encouraged, it is not necessary to write your own piece. 

You can feel free to access pre-existing short stories of 5-7 minutes provided that they are in the public domain. 

We also have an online library that you can access for various short stories in different languages. 

I have a story but I do not wish to perform it, can I still be a part of Thespo Tapri?

Yes of course. Write to us at thespo22@thespo.org and we’ll connect you with performers in need of a story. 

I have a story in a language other than Hindi and English, can I still participate?

Yes, of course! All languages are welcome. However, if you have a story in languages other than Hindi and English, you must submit a translation of the same along with the script. 


Flagship Performances FAQ:

What are the criteria to register a Flagship Performance ?

Everybody involved in the performance should be under 25 years old, excluding the writer and the producer.

Your performance should be LIVE. 

Your performance should be a minimum of 45 minutes long.

Your performance should tell a story. This category does not permit performing excerpts. 

Can I submit a pre-recorded performance? 

Thespo would like to create unique LIVE experiences for young people to watch and work towards. We encourage you to perform live at the screening, and if you are selected, at the festival as well. However, if your performance requires some pre-recorded material to drive the story, we can figure out how to include it. 

Do I have to be from India to perform or attend the festival? 

Not at all. This is an International Digital Youth Theatre Festival. Stories, performers and audience members from all over the world will make it a truly global experience.  You can be anywhere in the world and still perform at the festival or volunteer on the Thespo crew. 

Are there any prerequisites for performing at the festival? 

Thespo welcomes any and everybody to the festival. However, to perform at the festival, you have to be under 25 years old, since this is a Youth festival. The writer and producer of your performance can be older, but everybody else must be under 25. 

What can I expect to see at the festival? 

An array of workshops and mentorship sessions. International collaborations. Specially curated LIVE performances by the young for the young. Theatre games. Pitch sessions and panel discussions about important topics, and lots more! 

When and where is the festival happening? 

The festival is set to take place from 16-20 December, 2020. This year, the festival will take place online. More information to follow. 

When is the last date to register my performance? 

The last date to register your performance for the flagship category is 25 September, 2020

Do I have to pay to perform at the festival? 

Performing at the festival is free. However, Thespo takes a small, refundable deposit from all those who have registered. This deposit is to block your screening slot. If you utilize your scheduled/preferred screening slot and perform for the prescribed minimum 45 minutes, your deposit will be refunded in full. 

Participation in workshops at the festival is charged. The live flagship performances at the festival are also ticketed. 


Audio-Torium FAQ:

What is Audiotorium? 

Audiotorium is a project by Thespo to explore the audio medium, and create and showcase exciting, innovative audio experiences.

How can I participate in Audiotorium? 

You can submit a proposal outlining your idea for an audio performance here. Creators of shortlisted proposals will be invited to attend a series of workshops after which they will pitch their ideas at the pitch session during the festival.

When is the last date to submit my proposal for Audiotorium? 

The last date to submit proposals for Audiotorium is 25 September, 2020. 

What is the pitch session? 

The pitch session at the festival will be a space for shortlisted creators of audio content to share their ideas and receive feedback. Creators will have the opportunity to engage with professionals in the field of sound design and radio dramas, and learn how they can further develop their idea into an audio experience. 

What happens after the pitch session? 

The panel of professionals will discuss which ideas from the pitch session can be developed for a showcase presentation in February. If your idea is selected post the pitch session, you will be invited to attend another series of workshops focussed towards growing and developing your idea. 

How can I perform online? 

There are a variety of technologies and platforms available that can be employed to create a performance. Zoom, Instagram, WhatsApp, Spotify, what have you – these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are developing a performance for the festival, Thespo is here for you. We will try our best to provide mentorship, workshops and resources so that your performance can be the best version of itself. We are all doing this for the first time. Let’s do it together and truly create something wonderful!