Twelve years ago, came a point where Thespo was almost on the verge of shutting down. We were let down by corporates for the finances and had lost all hope, all except one – the love our friends had for us and for theatre. Thespo Alumni, our patrons, friends and well-wishers all came together and thus began a legacy we call ‘Friends of Thespo’.

On the surface, ‘Friends of Thespo’ is only a crowdfunding initiative, but much deeper, it is something way bigger. It’s a thriving community of those who believe in the power of theatre, who want the wonders of the arts to be discovered by those who come after them. On behalf of everyone who has been a part of the Thespo movement, learnt, laughed and grown with us, everyone who has availed all that Thespo attempts to give, we thank our ‘Friends of Thespo’ for giving us this privilege.

This year is a digital year for Thespo and we hope to keep the magic of Theatre alive even in these times of crisis. 

Join the community and give life to Theatre!