Bring a story to life. Be heard loud and clear. Bring your Dramgiri to the Tapri! Hit us with all plots and characters and once-upon-a-time’s you’ve got! Register for our 5-7 minute solo storytelling initiative!

Thespo 22 : Flagship Performances

All the world’s a stage. No really. Tell the story you want to on any digital medium, from any part of the globe. All you have to do is register a live performance in any language and genre, with a minimum duration of 45 minutes.

Used to marching ahead at your own beat? Is telling stories through sound your jam? Then go ahead and send us a proposal outlining your idea for an audio performance. Play around with audio! The sky’s the limit! Sound’s good doesn’t it? Send us your best ideas!


Want to get some gyan from the best theatre professionals around. Here is your chance. Register yourselves for workshops that we organise all year long and have fun learning the artisanship. All of it, now online too!

Theatre Bugs

Don’t just watch the play, enter the magical world of the play. Chit-chat with the cast and crew after the play and witness their characters at depth. All this, and that too at discounted rates. Yep! That’s theatre bugs for you.