The association with Prithvi that started in 2007 lead to Thespo at Prithvi (or TAP, as we call it) extending the festival beyond just 7 days a year, allowing for plays and workshops to be conducted two days every month. May be that was the beginning of the movement in some way, or it wasn’t. Who really knows?

Anyway coming back to TAP!
For young theatrewallahs, it meant coming back to Prithvi Theatre, month after month, for an evening of quality youth theatre that also fits the student budget. For others, it means another opportunity to binge on some more natak, and to participate in the workshops and train. Several of the plays that are showcased at TAP are festival plays performing again; others are those that screened for Thespo, but just missed the cut. With a little more time to work on their show, they get a chance to perform at TAP.

But what does it actually mean to perform at TAP.  So when you perform at TAP, Thespo will only help the performing teams with the marketing and any on day assistance. The teams bear the cost of the venue and also earn the revenues from the ticket sales. Cool, right?

Just email us on to know more or to register your play for Thespo at Prithvi.


TAP Feb 20 Lassanwala Whatsapp Creative 20200121

Thespo at Prithvi Play: Lassanwala

Life changing events occur in the life of a Brahmin garlic seller that shake his belief in the caste system that has dictated his existence.


Thespo at Prithvi Play: Sane Ani Company

A theatre troupe tries to reinvent themselves. But will their audience accept their new avatar?