The ambience of Prithvi with its chestnut stage, its calming grey walls, the grand board studded with posters of the latest plays and even its apathetic cats always draws people back to it, eager for more theatre. Thespo, with its cheerful atmosphere, youthful energy and vast array of opportunities has people young and old, flocking back to it every year. The association with Prithvi that started in 2007 lead to Thespo at Prithvi (or TAP, as we call it) extending the festival beyond just 7 days a year, allowing for plays and workshops to be conducted two days every month. For young theatre addicts, it means coming back to Prithvi Theatre, month after month, for an evening of quality youth theatre that also fits the student budget. For others, it means another opportunity to storm the Prithvi stage, and to participate in the workshops and train. Several of the plays that are showcased at TAP are festival plays performing again; others are those that screened for Thespo, but just missed the cut. With a little more time to work on their show, they get a chance to perform at TAP.

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Coming up at Prithvi Theatre

Adamya Rangmanch's Lassanwala
Tuesday, 7th August - 9pm
Wednesday, 8th August - 9pm

Set in the rural heartland, Lassanwala tells the tale of Kallu Bahman, a sixty-year old Brahmin garlic seller. Being a staunch Brahmin, Kallu himself refuses to eat garlic, yet continues to exclusively farm it and sell, against his son and daughter in laws wishes. The play traces the tragic-comic events that occur in his life that shake his firm belief in the caste system that has defined a major part of his existence. The subsequent turn of events makes Kallu Bahman, re-look at his life and relationships through the prism of social equality.

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Coming up at Prithvi House - TAP Workshops

Make it Up
With Shaun Williams
Tuesday, 7th August - 9am - 1pm

This workshop will give you an awareness and a basic insight into the principles that enable on the spot scene creation, the kind that is seen in the TV show “Whose line is it anyway?”.
This workshop will give you ideas and principles that you could think of applying in one's craft as an actor or even in other spheres of life.

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Strike a Chord
With Kaizad Gherda
Wednesday, 8th August - 4:30pm - 8:30pm

This workshop is an introduction to how different genres of music can be interpreted for scenes of particular types of plays. Discover the role of music -
For an actor - how to react to music;
For a director - how to brief for music;
For a musician - what to offer the entire production through music.