With the 19th edition of the annual youth theatre festival, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals. Apart from full-length productions and performances, we have a number of workshops and collaborations that further build the skills of the next generation of theatrewalas!

The festival will take place from 18th to 24th December 2017, at Prithvi Theatre and Little Theatre (NCPA), Mumbai, India. We’ve had over 141 registrations for full length plays and a further 41 registration for short plays. These have come from 17 different towns and cities including Ahmednagar, Lucknow, Islampur, Guwahati, Baroda, Nagpur, Chennai and Udupi among others. The Screening Panel watched these plays, that were spread across 13 languages.

Our plans this year include a collaboration between a Brazillian theatremaker and Indian performers, a more developed version of our Director’s Adda programme, and many more innovations during the seven day festival, so that we can properly Dial up the Drama!

Click here to download: Thespo 19 Festival Schedule 18th – 24th December, 2017

Workshops at Thespo 19

Thespo 19 brings to you a varied range of workshops that starts at the door leading you backstage and guides you all the way onto the stage!
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Vairagi’s ‘Mrig-Trishna’ (Delhi) Hindustani

Prithvi Theatre
Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th December 2017 – 9 pm (1 hr 10 mins)

About the play: Noori has been abandoned by society for being a eunuch. In her search for an ‘ultimate truth’ she creates an imaginary world around her. Her journey leads her to a new level of realization and makes her question everything – even the strongest of her beliefs.

About Vairagi: Vairagi is an independent group formed in 2016 and has been sincerely working on its own since then. The group is very enthusiastic about theatre, and is buzzing with a lot of energy.

Cast: Anurag Kumar and Abhishek Bajpayee.
Crew: Amrit Mishra, Nitin Koul, Vikas Rajput, Nitesh, Riya Rathor, Lovely Kumari,  Brijnesh Yadav, Anuj.
Writer & Director: Manoj Yadav

Karooj Theatre Group’s ‘Main, Mera Baaja, aur Woh’ (Lucknow) Awadhi & Hindi

Prithvi Theatre
Thursday, 21st December 2017 – 9 pm (1 hr 15 mins)

About the play: Bhuvlan repairs electronics. One day he hears a voice on the radio. The voice reminds him of his estranged wife. What follows is a hilarious tale of unrequited affections, unanswered letters, and competition with his young son for his imagined loves affections.

About Karooj: Karooj Theatre Group was formed in 2017 in Lucknow. They have conducted acting workshops in Lucknow. The objective of this group is promoting art and culture for the youth.

Cast: Pulkit Chakravarty, Ahmad Raza Khan, Shivam Singh And Vikesh Bajpai.
Music: Bhartendu Mishra
Light (Designer): Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi
Writer: Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi and Pulkit Chakravarty.
Director: Shashank Shekhar Dwivedi.
Special Thanks: Vishal Srivastava, Kriti Srivastava.

Nirmiti Rangmanch’s ‘Khataara’ (Ahmednagar) Marathi

Prithvi Theatre
Friday, 22nd December 2017 – 9 pm (1 hr 12 mins)

About the Play: The play is set in a rural farming community. The world is changing. People are changing. But are things that are good for humanity becoming out dated? Are they becoming Khataara?

About Nirmiti: 4 years ago some college students came together & formed the group. The group is called Nirmiti Rangmanch because we work and create different performances.

Cast – Pramod Paraji Kasabe, Monika Vijay Bankar, Rucha Padmakar Kulkarni, Amruta Shrikant Shrigondekar, Shruta Hemant Bhate, Sanket Deepak Nikam, Vishal Ratan Sathe, Vinod Anant Garud, Shubham Baban Gade, Shraddha Gajanan Rekhi, Monu Rajkishor Sharma, Pradum Mohan Gaikawad, Rohini Ravindra Bansod, Avishkar Manoj Thakur.
Lights: Amol Devidas Salve
Music: Siddhant Prakash Khandgale
Set Design: Pramod Kasabe & Nirmiti Team.
Stage Management: Neeraj Kailas Mali, Deepak Lolage.
Writer & Director: Amol Devidas Salve
Producer: Harish Devidas Baraskar
Workshop Facilitator: Purnanand, Amit Baiche.

Actomers’s ‘Trikon ka Chautha Kon?’ (Mumbai) Hindi, Urdu & English

Prithvi Theatre
Saturday, 23rd December 2017 – 5 pm & 9 pm (2 hr 45 mins + 10 minutes Interval)

About the play: Plagiarism is a serious offense for a writer. When Rajnandi is accused of it, she confronts the other two authors who are supposed to have written the story before her.

About Actomers: The word Actomers is the combination of two different words – Actors and Performers which equals to Actomers. We are a young team of performers.  writers, actors, directors, musicians, dancers all with a passion for theatre who have all collaborated to work towards creating meaningful experiences for audiences in the theatre space.

Writer/Director: Atul Somkuwar
Poetry by: Atul Somkuwar, Vaishnavi Karmarkar, Vismay Kumar and Amrita Pritam.
Cast: Vaishnavi Karmarkar,  Sanchit Chaudhari, Atul Somkuwar, Barkha Fatnani, Yash Pednekar, Omkar Gandhi, Ganesh Gurav.
Ensemble: Shweta Waghmare, Manish Kavinkar, Hemant Hedaoo, Omkar Gandhi, Ganesh Gurav, Viren Hele.
Background Music: Surendra Tembhurne, Shivani Potnis, Aniruddha Pednekar, Vaishnavi Karmarkar and Atul Somkuwar.
Soundscape: Shweta Waghmare
Production Management: Rohan Somkuwar and Tathagat Prasenjit.
Producer: Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan from DG Media and Theatre Company.


‘Esteban’s Village’ by Mathew Wasser and Vikrant Dhote

Prithvi House
Tuesday, 19th December 2017 – 7 pm (30 minutes)
A dead man washes up your shore. A handsome dead man. Is it strange? Probably. But what happens next?
Enter the world of theatre through technology and watch young performers from different corners of India collaborate to tell a story.
Vikrant Dhote, an Indian actor/director and Mathew Wasser an American video designer create an absolutely unique audio visual piece about this strange shore.


‘The world that crosses you’ by Renato Rocha

Prithvi House
Friday, 21st December 2017 – 7 pm (40 minutes)

What does it take to get you to talk? A protest? A revolution? Or maybe… a play on a chilly December evening that unites young Indians, a Brazilian director and an overwhelming experience that compels you to express yourself.
The world that crosses you is a performance devised by Renato Rocha, a Brazilian director who is working with young theatre artists to create a visually thrilling performance about Freedom of expression


Organized Chaos Production’s ‘Draupadi’  (Bangalore) Hindi & English

Prithvi House
Friday, 22nd December 2017 – 7 pm  (50 minutes)

Draupadi, is a story of conflicts and resolutions. It is a story of positives and negatives. It is a story of thoughts and reality. It is a story of happiness and sadness. It is a story of opposites.

Writer: Shivangi Nigam
Director: Shivangi Nigam
Cast and Credit: Adrita Rudra, Akshata Badri, Aparna Rachel Ponmeleth, Dheeraj Banerjea, Einstina Sneha, Kajal Singh, Lakshmi Menon, Nandini Handique, Navya Senani, Riddhiman Dutta, Shivakamy Shyamaprasad, Shivani Dubey, Teena Bethann.


‘A Man in 3 Acts’ (Mumbai & Delhi) English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

Prithvi House
Saturday, 23rd December 2017 – 7 pm  (50 minutes)

A collection of three short plays, each covering different aspects, of what it means to be an urban male.

HISstory (Delhi)

What happens when Adam engages in a spilling conversation with his creator.

Writer: Chakori Dwivedi
Director: Chakori Dwivedi
Cast: Vidushi Chadha, Siddhant Arora.
Technical: Siddharth Sood

Haircut (Bombay)

Manohar, a small town boy is all dressed for his first Tinder date. As he gets dressed up, he tries to understand the meaning of love amidst the fast paced city life.

Writer: Alankrit Duggal
Director: Alankrit Duggal
Cast: Alankrit Duggal

Aiyyo Raju (Bombay)

An old man and his son’s dog are alone at home.  One hates the other, and the other’s feeling is mutual. How will they survive the Diwali?

Writer: Vidyuth Gargi, Adarsh Gourav.
Director: Adarsh Gourav
Cast: Vidyuth Gargi, Adarsh Gourav.
Sound: Abhishek Chauhan


‘Khazaana’ (Mumbai) Hindi, Urdu

Prithvi Foyer
Tuesday, 19th December 2017 – 8 pm (20 minutes)

A devised dramatisation of an Afghan folktale, about a poor farmer’s unwavering faith in God and himself.A saga about wishes, destiny, karma and the absolute truth….adorned with traditions of clowning and qawwali.

About the group: Kartavya and Niketan first met while training at the drama school Mumbai, and were well aware of each other’s extreme polarity in performance style but by a twist of fate were teamed up with each other, given a page long afghan folktale called ‘Silver On The Hearth” to prepare and showcase  in front of the faculty in a weeks time…they played around with qawwali in the first week, peppered it with clowning in the  second, and after going around in circles for another week, they finally found their “ KHAZAANA”.

Writer: Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma, Niketan Sharma, Abhinav Grover.
Director: Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma, Niketan Sharma.
Dialogues and music: Abhinav Grover
Cast: Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma, Niketan Sharma, Abhinav Grover.


Be Taal’s ‘Krishna ki Chetaavani’ (Mumbai) Hindi

Prithvi Foyer
Wednesday, 20th December 2017 – 8 pm (20 minutes)

A physical theatre staging of Ramadhar Dinkar’s poem Rashmirathi about the time Krishna approaches Duryodhan to stop the battle. Duryodhan refuses only to realise later that Krishna is none other than God himself.

About the group: A group of theatre enthusiasts who believe in off-beat, the breaking of rhythm and going BeTaal.

Writer: Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
Director: Vaishnavi RP, Abhinav Grover.
Cast and Credits: Abhinav Grover, Shashi Mukherji, Sagar Bhoir, Sanket Kadam, Ram Chaudhary, Mitali Kalgi.


Laltein Production’s ‘Rescue’ (Mumbai) English

Prithvi Foyer
Thursday, 21st December 2017 – 8 pm (18 minutes)

A fisherman survives a violent sea storm and is washed ashore a deserted Island. Unexpected allies and scenes unfold on the island – will he be rescued?

About the group: Lyra prides herself on being a jobbing theatre person, and is hungry for challenging work. Dheer Hira is a trained actor who sometimes plays the role of a director, writer and a great backstage crew member in the theatre. Shubhankar likes taking up opportunities in theatre whenever he gets the time. Guru taught himself how to play the Guitar and djembe. They all came together to become Laltein.

Writer & Director: Shubhankar Tawde
With Directorial Inputs from Gururaj Wadke
Cast: Devised and Performed by Dheer Hira & Lyra Dutt.
Music by Gururaj Wadke


DT Production’s ‘Check Up!’ (Mumbai) Marathi

Prithvi Foyer
Friday, 22nd December 2017 – 8 pm (19 minutes)

The Indian healthcare system is a complicated maze. Meeta middle-class family trying to navigate it.

About the group: DT production is an upcoming amateur theatre group which has performed at various competitions. The mission of the group is to always keep trying something new and try to do something which has never been done on stage before.

Writer: Kumar Chheda
Director: Dhaval Thakkar
Cast and Credits: Kumar Chheda, Ahan Nirban, Yash Deshpande, Raina Metha, Malavika Nair, Pooja Mange, Shivam Narkar, Pratik Sonawane
Dharmil Savla on djembe.


Pratibimb’s ‘TripT’ (Delhi) Hindi

Prithvi Foyer
Saturday, 23rd December 2017 – 8 pm (25 minutes)

The piece talks about misuse and abuse of narcotics substances as an invisible demon that is slowly on the rise in our country. Breaking through mindsets with hard-hitting truths and new approaches, TripT challenges the question of legalisation – illegalisation and presents its final abstractionism on the issue.

About the group: Pratibimb participates in street as well as stage theatre in all college level competitions. The society in addition makes sure that the street wing does public performances to fulfil the cause of their play. The society, though headed by a leader works democratically and believes in the power of teamwork.

Writer: Anjali Singh,  Yashasvi Verma & Shirish Prakash Singh.
Director: Shantanu Pandey
Cast: All members of Pratibimb Society

Live Music Gigs


Wednesday, 20th December 2017 – 6 pm

About: Seven instruments, four boys and a band formed in rehearsal breaks.
Genre: Experimental, Acoustic.
Performers: Abhishek Krishnan, Dharmaj Joshi, Keith Sequeira, Tushar Kadam.



Thursday, 21st December 2017 –  6 pm

About: A tribute to musical stories from everywhere.
Genre: Story telling, soft jazz, hundustani, opera, folk.
Performer: Akshay Sharma



Friday, 22nd December 2017 – 6 pm

About: Stories of divine love, songs and legends of Hindustan.
Genre: Story telling, folk.
Performers: Pranita Pandurangi, Yashashree Uchil, Mrunmay Chavan, Rahul Gajjal.


Notes Gothilla

Saturday, 23rd December 2017 – 4 pm

About: nəʊt ɡɒthɪlɑ/  translates to ‘we can’t get our notes right’.
Genre:  A capella
Performers: Bernice Easo, Celestine Unugboji, Ilisha Dant, Nadene Barboza, Pranay Gulvady, Riddhiman Dutta, Sen Thomas, Swathi R.

Great Text Readings at Thespo!

A homegrown initiative from QTP, we bring the monthly GTRs to the festival week! In GTR, people meet to read a play they may have heard of but not necessarily have read. Writers come to see how the greats wrote, actors come to play multiple parts and theatre lovers come because it keeps them in touch with the art form. It is open to all and everyone takes turns in playing characters from the play.

Considering this is a year where all full-length plays are new scripts, we are getting back two exciting ‘new works’ from the early years of Thespo!


Pigs on Wings
Who is to blame for the rains in our lives?

Written by Apoorva Kale
(Thespo 4)
Prithvi Adda
Tuesday, 19th December 2017 – 4:00 pm


Butter & Mashed Bananas
Is freedom of speech a choice or is it life itself?

Written by Ajay Krishnan
(Thespo 7)
Prithvi Adda
Thursday, 21st December 2017 – 4:00 pm

Thespo 19 Awards Night

After Thespo curates the finest young full-length plays and features them at the festival, we believe it is also important to celebrate the outstanding talent that we meet at the festival. Three or four theatremakers from across various genres, departments and languages of theatre in Bombay are requested to be the jury panel and watches all the plays. On awards night, we celebrate outstanding work in the categories of outstanding play, director, new writing, actor (male), actor (female), supporting actor in both categories, ensemble and production design.

You can’t celebrate theatre without celebrating those that gifted it to us. Thespo also presents legends from various walks of theatre with a Lifetime Achievement Award. This year, we will be honouring Dr. Mohan Agashe with the lifetime achievement award. A baron of Marathi theatre, with equal command in television and cinema of Marathi and other languages, Dr. Agashe is still best remembered for his role of Nana Phadanvis in Vijay Tendulkar’s Ghashiram Kotwal.