With the 20th edition of the annual youth theatre festival, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals. Apart from full-length productions and performances, we have a number of workshops and collaborations that further build the skills of the next generation of theatrewalas!

The festival will take place from 17th to 22nd December 2018, at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, India. We have started taking entries for full-length plays and platform performances.

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Thespo 20 Full Length Plays - Rules & Regulations

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Thespo 20 Platform Performances - Rules & Regulations

Baar baar mat pucho!

- What is the last date for registration?

Last date for registration is 1st September, 2018. No Extensions!

- Do all the participants of a particular group need to register individually?

No, you only need to register a performance and not as individual participants. Any one participant from a group may register on behalf of the rest of the group.

- When will the screening take place?

The screening process will start  from 20th September and will go on till 30th October, 2018.

- Plays kab announce honge?

The selected plays will be announced on 15th  November, 2018.

- Yeh festival hai kab?

The festival will take place from 17th to 22nd December, 2018 at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai.

- I turned 26 this year, can I still participate in Thespo?

If you turned 26 in 2018, you are eligible for Thespo i.e all participants must be born on or after 1st January, 1992. (The writer and producer can be exempted from this rule)

- How much is the deposit for full length plays and platform performances ?

The refundable deposit for full-length plays is Rs. 1,000 per play and for platform performances it is Rs. 500 per performance.

- Why do I have to pay a deposit to ensure a spot in the screening process?

We take a refundable deposit just to ensure that the group is present on the day of the screening and to make sure that all the rules are strictly followed.

- How long should the performance be?

The duration of full-length plays must be a minimum of 60 minutes. The duration of Platform Performances must be between 15-25 minutes.

- How big can the cast be?

There is no limitation on the number of cast members. However, they all must be 25 years or under.

- Do I need to be a student/member of any particular college/theatre group to participate in Thespo?

Thespo is not a college festival. Note that, anyone and everyone born on or after 1st January, 1992 can participate at Thespo. It’s not necessary to be a part of a college or a theatre group to make a play.

- Do I need to include original music only?

You can include original music however that’s not a necessary criterion, you can play any other copyrighted music on the sound system provided you have acquired  permission for it.

- Akele perform kar sakte hai kya?

Yes, you may register a solo performance as a full length play or a platform performance.

- ‘Platform Performances’ mhanje kay?

Music, dance, stand up comedy, miming, short play, street play, etc. can be showcased in a platform performance.

- Can we adapt an existing script instead of writing a new one?

Yes, you can adapt an existing script or you can write a new script. However, if the existing script is copyrighted, you need to acquire permission from its owner before using it.

- Can we register for a platform performance and a full length play in the same festival/year? Can we register for more than one play?

Yes, you may register for more than one play or platform performance or for both in the same year.

- Do I submit a full/completed script when I register a performance?

It’s not mandatory to send the script while you register.

- What do I do if there are changes in the script/cast/crew in the days between the registration and the screening?

If there are any changes in the performance, please inform us through an email or a phone call.

- Manipuri mein play chalega kya?

The performances can be in any language or genre.

- Is it mandatory to present plays before the screening panel with final costumes, set and props?

No, it is not mandatory although, it is important to provide 'as clear an idea' of the play as possible. The presentation to the screening panel can be just a run-through of your play without proper set, props and costumes.

- What will be the venue for screening?

The venue will be any performance space in your city or nearest city, booked by Thespo.

- Participation ka kuch.......?

All participants at the festival will be awarded a Thespo Certificate. The award winners will get ‘The Thespo’ and a certificate.

- Par awards milenge kise?

The full length plays will be eligible for awards in the following ‘Outstanding’ categories: Actor (Male and Female), Supporting Actor (Male and Female), Production Design, Director, Play, Ensemble, and New Writing.


If you have more questions, feel free to email us at thespo20@thespo.org or give us a call on 7506025456.
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