Thespo 22 At A Glance

Thespo 22: The First Call

Each year Thespo organises The First Call – an orientation meeting of-sorts to familiarise young people with Thespo, its mission, activites and the many ways they can get involved. The event is open to all young people curious about Thespo or the theatre world in general. 

This year we will be hosting The First Call online on Zoom on 14 August @6.30 pm IST.  Click on the button before to register yourself for this free event!

The First Call will also feature live performances and conversations with some very special Thespo Alumni.

Thespo 22: The Festival

In the wake of the pandemic, we are taking this year’s edition of Thespo fully digital! From the festival to our year-round events, we will be hosting the “party” online. This year is special for us owing not only to the fact that we are discovering a new medium altogether, but also to the fact that a whole new set of possibilities for creative expression has cropped up for all our young creators.

We are excited to curate and organise the festival, our community and skill building activities as well as other showcase events, all online!

Since geography no longer presents an obstacle to us, we are excited to announce that this year’s festival will truly be a global, digital youth theatre festival! So, as long as you are under 25 years of age, you will find that the festival has exciting opportunities for you to showcase and hone your talent – no matter where you’re from! To learn more about the festival, do attend The First Call meeting online. Details below!

Thespo 22: Double the Dramagiri

Each year’s festival has a tagline associated with it. This tagline drives the energy that the community brings to, and associates with the festival. This year’s festival tagline is “Double the Dramagiri”!
To us, “Dramagiri” is a behaviour exhibited by people when they are fully immersed in the world of theatre. It has an air of unabashed-ness, confidence and free-spiritedness. 

Examples of Dramagiri – quoting lines from plays in casual conversation, scouting for props no matter where you go, trying to incorporate incidents from your life into scripts, etc. Do attend The First Call and tell us what sort of “Dramagiri” you have been getting up to!