Thespo Tapri is a curated selection of the best stories and narrators from across India, who are featured in an evening of imagination and entertainment that guarantees Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyaada.

Hosted live on a virtual platform for promising young performers to showcase their story-telling skills and rejoice in the tales of others.
Performances are 5-7 minutes long and can be in any language, any genre.

Thespo Tapri’s Season 2 showcase saw 9 fresh and exciting , live digital performances. 

  1. All performers must be 25 years of age or under, that is, born  on or after 1 January 1995
  2. This is a solo storytelling event. Your performance should tell a  story narrated/performed by one person only. 
  3. The performance duration must be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes
  4. If the story chosen is a pre-existing text, please ensure it is  copyright free or you have relevant permission to use the text. If  the selected story is not copyright free, participants will need  performance rights of the story. 
  5. A script of the story is to be submitted by the 13th of August  2021. If the story has languages other than Hindi and English, a  translation must be provided by the participant. Please note in  case there are changes in the script, the updated script needs to  be sent to Thespo before the screening. 
  6. The story must be a stand-alone piece and not a monologue or  excerpt from a larger body of literature (play, novel, etc).
  7. The Registration fee for Thespo Tapri is Rs. 100 (non refundable). Registration will be confirmed only when the  payment is received.  
  8. Please note if you fail to comply to any of the above rules, Thespo  reserves the right to disqualify your participation from Thespo  Tapri 2021. 

  • Participants register by filling out a form
  • Screening is scheduled – Each participant is given a time slot where they must perform for the screening panel live and in real time. 
  • Screening takes place – The screening panel watch each performance live and give feedback 
  • Performances are selected and performers are provided with an intensive mentorship session. 
  • Performances take place between the months of October and November.
  • Last Date of registration: 10 August 2021 
  • Last date of script submission: 13 August 2021 
  • Screening Period: Last 2 weeks of August 2021 4. Mentorship sessions: First 2 weeks of September 2021 5. Showcase of selected performances: Last week of September  2021-First week of October 2021 

*Please note the above dates are tentative and are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the registration fee for Thespo tapri is Rs. 100 (non refundable).

You can register for Thespo Tapri 2021 by filling the registration  form. Your registration will be confirmed only once we receive the  registration fee.

  • You need to be 25 years of age or under, that is, born on or  after 1 January 1995. 
  • You performance piece must be 5-7 minutes long.

Yes, you can. By registering you will be booking a slot for us to see  your performance. It is not necessary for you to have your piece  ready while filling the form. However, you do need to submit a  script of your piece to us by the 13th of August 2021.

No, a monologue from a play or an excerpt from an essay/novel cannot be used. The story must be a stand-alone piece.

No, your story can be of any genre, form and language.

No, it must be a solo performance.

No, the story must be performed live.

While original stories are definitely encouraged, it is not necessary  to write your own piece. You are free to perform pre-existing short  stories of 5-7 minutes provided they are copyright free. If the  selected story is not copyright free, participants will need  performance rights of the story. 

We also have an online library that you can access for various short  stories in different languages. Please write to us on after your registration is confirmed if you’re  keen to refer to our library.

No. Pre-recorded video submissions are not permitted. We will  schedule a time slot for each participant to perform live for our  screening panel.

No. The participant must perform the piece originally selected  by the screening panel.

Yes. All languages are welcome. If you have a story in languages  other than Hindi and English, you must submit a translation in  English of the same along with the script.

Yes. Please write to us at and we’ll connect you  with performers in need of a story.