Thespo Tapri

With the current scenario, where the entire country is in lock down, young actors who are trapped at home have no outlet to perform. Thespo Tapri thus aims at creating a safe space for those under 25 to come share their stories. It is a platform for solo storytelling and aims to showcase a selection of 5-7 minute pieces on the digital medium, performed by participants across India. These participants are selected after a round of registrations by a team of panellists to perform for an audience, and are offered training and mentorship along the way.

How to register:
  • All participants must be 25 years of age or under, i.e. born on or after 1st January 1994.
  • Fill and Submit the online registration form below.
  • Payment of a registration fee of Rs. 100 per performance
  • Only one person per performance.
  • The performance should be 5 to 7 minutes long. 
  • Submit the script of the story being performed. 
  • Deadline for Registration is 6th September 2020. No extensions!
  • A screening panel of two theatre professionals will watch all the registered performances live and provide feedback.
  • Performances take place between the months of September and October.
Important Dates:
  • Last date of registration: 6th September 2020

  • Screening Period: First 2 weeks of September
  • Showcase of selected performances: September-October
The Online Library:
  • The Online Library is a selection of short stories, primarily curated for Thespo Tapri. 
  • The table provided below contains a list of names of the short stories along with the synopsis and duration of each. 
  • Not all the pieces in the library adhere to the restriction of 5-7 mins, however participants may adapt it to suit their performance. Please check the ‘Can this be adapted?” section of each piece to see if it is open to adapting. 
  • Each participant is allowed to make a MAXIMUM of 3 selections from the library. Thespo will grant participants access to a MAXIMUM of 3 pieces. 
  • To request a piece from the library fill up the registration form and mention the name of the story/stories) that you wish to acquire or simply write to us at 
  • The story/stories will be sent to you once you have paid the registration fees for participating in Thespo Tapri – Cheeni Kam, Stories Zyaada!
  • The stories that you receive are to be used for the sole purpose of performing at Thespo Tapri. You are not allowed to use them elsewhere or share them with others. In the event that the story is used for purposes other than performing at Thespo Tapri, Thespo has the right to take the necessary legal action. 
  • Incase of any discrepancy, Thespo is allowed to disqualify your registration.