You can imagine why a lot of theatre buffs like reading plays right? So, we wanted to do something Thespo-ish! Multiple brainstorming sessions and several caffeinated breaks brought us clarity: we wanted plays written by young playwrights to be recognised, and to have a shelf life; we wanted to provide a platform where their works are easily available and accessible. The “how” part took a bit of time to reach, yet the answer was hiding in plain sight —a BOOK!!! So, that’s how the idea of Thespo Writes! was born. The idea behind this book is to create a collection of seminal plays written by under 25 year olds that have been staged at Thespo over the last 20 years. The 4 plays being published are Butter and Mashed Banana (Thespo 7), Naav (Thespo 14), Kabadi Uncut (Thespo 15) and Bhanvar (Thespo 18). Butter and Mashed Banana by Ajay Krishnan A satire on censorship, politics and more importantly the hollowness of the individual himself. The play is a hilariously funny take on freedom of speech in our country. Naav by Bhushan Patil Naav tackles the social stigma of being raised without a father’s name. It deals, more than anything, with a sense of identity. Kabadi Uncut by Siddhesh Purkar The story is based around a girl who finds a movie camera. But things take a turn when three students come on the landfill to shoot for a documentary on rag-pickers. Bhanvar by Shivraj Waichal and Virajas Kulkarni The play is about Bhanvar Singh, a quirky night watchman. A migrant to the city, he is entrusted with the security of an abandoned factory. It is his last day at work, and yet, his shift never seems to end.   Contact us at to get your copy!