Here are the four plays that were showcased in the Thespo 21 festival and their information. 


Mumbai, Hindustani-Urdu
17 Dec | Tue | 6 & 9 pm

A girl with a voice gifted by the Almighty, is silenced. A family struggles to come to terms with their personal faith, and it’s contradiction with organised religion.

Will the family turn further toward religion or away?


Bengaluru, Non-Verbal
18 Dec | Wed | 6 & 9 pm

We are all confined. By space. By language. By learning. By conditioning. By authority. By duty. But what happens when you finally have all the tools to break free? Inspired by Wolfgang Kohler’s Mentality of Apes, this physical play is an exploration of the patterns of our obedience, and the limits of our compliance.

Sane Ani Company

Pune, Marathi
19 Dec | Thur | 6 & 9 pm

Set in a time when opulent sangeet nataks were making way to realistic drama, the play follows the fortunes of a theatre troupe that challenges the status quo, and faces censure from a conservative community.

Agni aur Barkha

Jabalpur, Hindi
20 Dec | Fri | 6 & 9 pm

A drought. A massive yagna. A pious priest. A rebellious young man. A family torn apart. A woman repeatedly wronged. And a personal choice. All for just a drop of rain. Girish Karnad’s powerful play about drought, patricide, caste politics, and primal seduction.