A lot of us at Thespo have been asked, how do I start in theatre?
We believe, one of the best ways is to attend workshops, because why not? Workshops are nothing but training grounds preparing you to dive into the world of drama! With this believe and the aim to train young theatrewallahs, through the year Thespo conducts a range of workshops either as a partnership, or at the festival, or at Thespo at Prithvi facilitated by theatre professionals from across the globe.

The curated are usually a mix of introductory workshops and advanced workshops within the wide spectrum of theatre.
So, make the most of it and hone your skills.

For more information write to us on theatre@thespo.org

Upcoming Workshop!

De.Noise by Somya Kautia
24 July 2021 | 5 PM IST
on Zoom | Rs 500

Space. Gestures. Rhythms. Sensations.
An introduction to movement improvisation for actors. Explore how your body moves, the source of the movement and how you can develop it further.

This one day workshop will be an introduction to movement improvisation. Movement is a part of life just like rhythm.
The aim of the workshop is to bring consciousness into our everyday movement.



About Somya Kauti

Somya Kautia is a contemporary artist working closely with movement and improvisation.
She has been teaching contemporary dance for 5 years and was the former Program Director of Nritya Shakti Studio.
She is a graduate of the Professional Semester, from Broadway Dance Center, New York. In 2019, she also attended Paris Summer Academy, a mixed art program organised by The Orian Theatre in Paris.
The course work included voice, physical theatre, performance art, contemporary dance and more. She has also attended Moksha, a dance residency in Nature, Kamshet (2018) and The Goa Contact Festival (2020) to further her knowledge about movement, body and momentum. She has trained in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz for 7 years.
Currently, she has been teaching her programs online and soon wishes to bring them to studios. She is a regular contemporary faculty at Nritya Shakti Studio, Mumbai.