Thespo at Prithvi


Amygo's The E.Q - 6th February (6pm & 9pm)

Theatron's Bhanvar- 7th February (6pm & 9pm)

Natyakala Workshops

Thespo & Drama School Mumbai

Delhi - 10th February (Loud & Louder)

Jaipur - 11th February (Loud & Louder)

Hi there!

Are you under 25? Are you interested in the performing arts?

Welcome to Thespo! If your answer for either of the questions is 'Yes!', you've come just to the right place. Thespo is a youth theatre movement with year round workshops, collaborations, curated plays, a bimonthly e-zine and finally, a week full of fun, theatre and more at our annual Youth Theatre Festival.

This year we host the 19th edition of the festival. The registrations are already in, and currently a screening panel of two professionals travels across the country to watch a total of 182 performances, curate some outstanding work and bring it to the festival! The best part is - all these plays are made by directors, actors, technicians, crew members and even some writers under the age of 25!

The festival (where we will see you from Dec 18 to 24) features full length plays, platform performances, fringe performances and live music too. There's also all day activities like diverse workshops, theatre games, readings and even a museum! With exciting stuff to do all day, we promise you a week loaded with theatre.

You attend workshops, watch plays, be a Friend of Thespo or even help build the festival! Check out the Volunteer Form and come, join in! We love hosting anybody with an interest in performance art at Thespo!

Thespo 19

With the 19th edition of the annual youth theatre festival, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of nurturing a global community of young theatre professionals.

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Full Length Plays

After many weeks of travelling around the country watching every piece of youth theatre we could get our hands on, we have 4 plays from different corners of the country, bringing their A game to the Prithvi Stage. With our plays from Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmednagar,  and Bombay, we’re so excited to see what new writing the youth of India have in store for us! Students discounts available at the Prithvi Theatre Box Office.

Fringe Performances

A space for alternative theatre in Prithvi’s black-box venue, Prithvi House, gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with a theatre performance hardly a few feet away from you! Not only the performers who registered for Thespo, we also have two curated performances - one directed by a Brazilian theatre-maker, starring local talent, and another created entirely online! The future is now. Best of all: the shows are free.

Platform Performances

Site specific work, fresh texts, and the cool wind from Juhu Beach. What more do you need?! The platform performances in the foyer of the Prithvi Theatre are free, and a great way to catch a breath of fresh air while you get your theatre fill!

Live Music Gigs

Who says theatre folk don’t know how to hold a tune? The live music section brings some foot-tapping symphonies to the rest of the festival. A great place to make new friends!


All the World’s a Stage, sure, but all the world’s also a school! Thespo brings to you a range of workshops, for actors, directors, scriptwriters, production managers and even for those looking to upgrade their tech-theatre skills! At rates like this, you’ll be here every day.

Friends of Thespo

The purpose of Friends of Thespo is two fold – to raise the basic funds needed to ensure that the Festival can continue to happen year after year and to build a network of Thespo lovers.

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Thespo INK

The first of its kind e-zine that we publish every two months has a simple motto - for youth theatre, by youth theatre and about youth theatre! Follow us on and our blog for a lot of exciting stuff!

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Thespo 19 Workshops

Thespo brings to you a range of workshops, for actors, directors, scriptwriters, production managers and even for those looking to upgrade their tech-theatre skills!

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Register for Directors' Adda

Want to develop your directorial skills?